Welcome to The Birth Center

The Birth Center (TBC) is a nonprofit that provides a midwifery model of women’s health care that is safe, satisfying, and personalized. Since our founding in 1978, TBC has welcomed more than 8,000 babies and provided warm, compassionate health care services to more than 5,800 families. TBC is committed to caring for women and families and believes that a strong partnership and trust between a woman and her caregiver lay the foundation for a future of good health. This approach fosters a community of empowered women and families.

“I love TBC! I recommend it to every woman I know." - TBC Client

TBCs services include:

• Out-of-hospital maternity care
• Holistic gynecologic care
• Educational services


Delightful video of recent TBC Baby, graciously shared by the family.

“It is everything you would get at a normal gynecologist’s office, but much more. It feels empowering to go there (TBC). I’m making a choice for myself.”
TBC Gynecologic Client

Photos courtesy of Avi Loren Fox Photography